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Bannister Gölü Canlı Məlumat Qrafik Dizayn Firması Hərəkət Yolu ilə Tərəfdaşlıq elan edir


CAMBRIDGE, Ontario - Noyabr 8, 2018 - Bannister Lake is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Montreal-based broadcast design firm Motion Path to provide complete data visualization solutions for the broadcast and visual communications industry. Bannister Lake’s powerful data management software, custom development solutions, and implementation expertise combined with Motion Path’s award-winning graphic design capabilities creates exciting new storytelling efficiencies and possibilities for news and sports producers, station groups, event producers, and digital signage networks.

Bannister Lake provides broadcasters with the industry’s most powerful automated live data management engine, allowing a wide variety of data formats to be parsed, edited, moderated, and strategically distributed. Data appears on-air in the form of tickers, sports bugs, full frame graphics, and branding elements. Motion Path has carved a unique niche in the broadcast and digital signage industries by providing graphic design services especially created for live data environments. By combining the two, Bannister Lake driven data will populate Motion Path graphics, delivering a powerful amalgamation of outstanding engineering, innovative production workflows, and compelling design.

“Having a strong international design partner like Motion Path helps us add value and efficiency to clients who are seeking a flexible and powerful way to populate graphics with live data from any source,” said Georg Hentsch, president of Bannister Lake. “We had an excellent experience working together recently on the Ontario election with TFO and we look forward to working on many more data-rich projects together.”

“Bannister Lake’s data solutions will give our clients a straightforward way to manage complex data sets that will integrate beautifully into our designs,” said Anton Maximovsky, president of Motion Path. “Very often, data management was something our clients struggled with, needing to custom build a solution or had to compromise their expectations. By linking our graphics to Bannister Lake’s solutions, we have opened up many more creative possibilities for our clients.”

Both Bannister Lake and Motion Path are veteran election specialists and have provided broadcast clients with election race software systems and election graphics packages, respectively. Today’s partnership announcement will strengthen both companies’ election offerings and provide a complete end-to-end solution for election producers. The partnership also helps power Motion Path’s breakthrough work in virtual reality and augmented reality by incorporating Bannister Lake’s data tools to drive on-air presentations. Beyond elections, both companies look forward to providing innovative real-time visualization solutions for sports, financial news, events, eSports, and digital signage.

For more information about Bannister Lake’s partnership with Motion Path and Bannister Lake’s solutions, please contact Vern Freedlander, strategic partnerships.

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About Motion Path Inc.
Motion Path is a creative services provider with the emphasis on real-time 3D graphics for broadcast television. The team comprised of seasoned industry professionals from the broadcast world who have delivered some of the highest profile productions in television including packages for the Super Bowl; the World Series; US Presidential elections; and newscasts for ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, FOX News, FOX SPORTS, and many others. The team has also won a number of prestigious design awards for work on design projects in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. More information is available at www.motion-path.com.

About Bannister Lake
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